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Many times I was asked by the people “How did you treat my disease even when western doctors said no cure for that?” “How could you improve my chronic conditions?” “Why your acupuncture and herbs can help me after I tried so many different approaches and all of them didn’t work…how does miracle happen? ”

My answer is quite simple:  The acupuncture and herbal medicine is the product of thousands of years of accumulated experience, a continuous process of critical thinking’s,  the extensive clinical observation and testing on alive human beings, as well as the wisdom and thousands of genius, gurus and sage. It has consistently been proven to be effective and has produced great success for many health issues. You are not only treated and being taken care by Tracy Ye and her personal skills, techniques and experience, you are here also because the combination of the Mighty force of Chi and the inner spirits!

The best medicine in the world is proper exercise and diet, positive mind with love, the best doctor in the world is YOUrself.  And Medicine is an art. What I am doing here is just help you restore your nature balance and trigger up and strengthen your won self-healing ability!

So please remember, in our clinic, we treat human beings not human subjects. You are taken care with all our love and faith in this great medicine!

Dr. Tracy Ye, L. Ac, D.A.O.M,  the primary practitioner of Ye’s Chi Clinic

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