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First Visit Information:

Patients With Insurance

We are in the most health insurance networks such as: Unitedhealthcare, Blue Shield, etc.
We will verify your insurance benefits for you at no charge. You can give us your insurance information over the phone, fax a copy of both sides of your insurance card to our office, or bring your insurance card by our office so we can make a copy for you. In order to verify your insurance we will also need your date of birth.

We are also in the following networks:

Cigna Health Care of California

Healthsmart/Interplan Health Group



Corvel Corporation

Patients Without Insurance

For patients without insurance coverage, we have special rate for payment at the time of service. Our TOS prices are very reasonable and patients can afford care in our office without insurance coverage. Call us now for more information on treating in our office.

Special rate for seniors over 59 years old and Special rate for the veterans! Call for rates.

Please wear clothing that can be rolled up above the knee and elbow. Most treatments do not require the removal of clothing.
If you have any recent lab tests or exams, please bring a copy with you. If you are currently taking any medications, please also bring them along with you.

Here are some suggestions for your regular visits to an acupuncture clinic:

Acupuncturist San Francisco - Visit our San Mateo Clinic Please have a small meal 1 to 2 hours prior to your session. Acupuncture treatment on an empty stomach may cause light-headedness or fainting. Arrive 5 minutes early so that you and your body will have a chance to relax before your session.

Prior to your session, please abstain from vigorous exercise, coffee or alcohol as the above-mentioned may affect the effectiveness of your treatment.

Please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes.

Please do not brush your tongue, as it will affect the accuracy of tongue diagnosis, which is an important part of the diagnosis for customizing your treatment plan.

After your treatment, please try to rest or avoid any vigorous activities, coffee and alcohol, as the body is still in the process of rebalancing itself.

Acupuncture San Francisco

Acupuncturist San Francisco – Visit our San Mateo Clinic