Successful Stories

Successful Story 1

Jane was 35 years old when she asks us for fertility help. She already had 7 IUI treatments in past 3 and half years, but all failed. She decided to try acupuncture and herbal medicine before IVF.

She received treatment once a week for first three months, then she visited our clinic twice a month. With our advanced acupuncture and herbal treatments, she got naturally pregnancy after 7 months.

Successful Story 2

Rose was 41 years old when she started fertility treatments with us. The challenge is not her age, but the fibroids in her uterus. It’s 1.54 cm X 2.7 cm. She was suggested to remove the fibroids first by other fertility specialists. Rose is very sensitive to the pain and scared of surgery. She is also under stress from her finances  and relationship.

So she decides to use our affordable care to give a try. With our mind-body care and advanced acupuncture care, she got naturally pregnant just after she celebrated her 43 years old birthday. When she holds her baby to visit our clinic, she said, “Dr. Tracy, the baby always bear a big smile on his face just like you!”