Chi Acupuncture for Orthopedics

It’s widely known and verified by modern science that acupuncture exerts a powerful analgesic effect on the body’s perception of pain. What is not so commonly know is Chi Acupuncture has the  more powerful healing effect on mending bone, regenerating healthy tissue and restoring muscle tone. By directly stimulating the bones,  muscles, and nerves and by supporting the body’s innate healing capacity, the Chi acupuncture with classic herbal medicine, this unique energy healing plays a vital role in the healing process.

Ye’s Chi clinic are successfully helping patients manage pain and recover more quickly from neuro-musculo-skeleton conditions such as stroke, soft tissue injury, broken bone, and surgery, as well as helping to resolve long-standing, fatigue, anxiety and depression, whether those problems arise from traumatic injury, chronic overuse, or degenerative conditions

Chi Acupuncture  stimulates
· Endorphins and other Neurotransmitters to control the pain.
· Leukocytes to fight infection and boost immune response.
· Prostaglandins to reduce inflammation and swelling to prevent tissue damage.

What’s your health concerns ?

  •  Sports Injuries
  • Acute ligament sprain or muscle tear
  • General Pain and overuse injuries

● Headache
● Neck pain
● Shoulder pain
● Arms and Finger  pain
● Back pain
● Leg pain
● Ankle and toes

  • Non of Above – Ask Tracy