Sports Injuries

Chi Acupuncture for Orthopedics – Sports Injuries

The “sports medicine” of Ye’s Chi Clinic is devoted to cater for the millions of people thorough out the world performing physical exercise and play sport.
To help our patients successfully to manage their sports injury, our practitioners take a broad view of the problems. The board viewidentifies and corrects the course of the injury/illness. Whereas the narrow view may ameliorate symptoms in short-term but ultimately lead to failure.
Following examples to show how broad view and narrow view in diagnosis and treatment lead to big difference in sports injury management. And it’s always necessary to diagnoses both the problem and the cause.

Sports Symptoms Narrow View Broad View
Runner Shin Pain Diagnosis Have a stress fracture on Tibia May be one or more factors, such as abnormal biomechanics, inappropriate footwear
Treatment Rest until free of pain Chinese herbal tea and combined diet to ameliorate intrinsic biochemical environment , change of training surface, or change in training quantity and quality
Baseball pitcher Shoulder pain Diagnosis Rotator cuff tendonitis Probably poor throwing techniques, excessive pitching or the presence of mild instability of the shoulder joint
Treatment Anti-inflammatory drug and rest Acupuncture combined with electronic stimulation can mediate anti-inflammatory actions via the reflexive central inhibition of the innate immune system. Natural herbal tea has two-way functions to reduce inflammatory and boost up immune system.
Triathlete Excessive fatigue and poor performance Diagnosis Properly due to overtraining and or inadequate recovery, poor nutrition, accompanying viral illness or a medical condition such as exercise-induced asthma
Treatment Rest Acupuncture, moxabustion and organic herbal tea can create positive visceral functions and more energy, also reduce pre-existing medical conditions.

The chart will show the relations between your favorite sport and possible injuries:
Your Sports:

  • Skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Tennis
  • Snowboarding
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Volleyball

  • Common injuries in downhill/mogul skiing: knee, shoulder and thumb.
  • Reason: long twisting lever arm of the ski, tears of the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament are the most common knee injuries. Impact from moguls or jumps can cause chipping of the surface of the knee (articular cartilage). Shoulder injuries occur with tumbling falls, causing either dislocations or rotator cuff tears. If the pole gets caught between the thumb and forefinger, a tear of the ulna collateral ligament of the thumb may occur.
  • Prevention: proper pre-season above-average aerobic conditioning and proper falling technique.

  • Common symptoms: rotator cuff impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow tendinitis,
  • Reason: overuse injury due to gripping the boom. Typical issues are rotator cuff impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow tendinitis. Foot injuries may occur with use of foot straps. Many injuries can be prevented by equipment or technique modification.
Tennis and Raquet Sports:

  • Common symptoms: inflammation of the elbow and shoulder, that is rotator cuff tendinitis and tennis elbow.
  • Prevention: use proper equipment, technique and aerobic conditioning.

  • Common injuries: wrist fractures, clavicle fractures, shoulder and spine injuries because most of the force from falling is taken by the upper limbs and back. Knee injuries are less common with snowboarding than in skiing due to the fixed position of the legs.

  • Common injuries: anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears due to frequent twisting of this sport, ankle sprains, patella dislocations, hip strains and foot injuries.
Common injuries: ACL tears and articular cartilage in the knee, achiles tendon tears, patella tendinitis(jumpers knee) and meniscus tears.
Reason:  the combination of twisting running cutting and jumping involved in basketball..
Common injuries: iliotibial band syndrome, chondromalacia patella, plica syndrome, popliteal cysts.
Many problems can be treated with orthotics to control alignment, rotation, and leg length, and with the use of proper stretching, training techniques and running shoes.

  • Common injuries:  ankle sprains, patella tendinitis and knee ligament tears from jumping and stretching of the shoulder ligaments or tearing of the rotator cuff from hitting.
  • Reason: intensive jumping and hitting.